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HIOX Image Rotator 1.0

This software is developed and copyrighted by HIOX Softwares.
This is given under The GNU General Public License (GPL).
This version is HIR1.0

This utiliry HIR makes your images (in any different directories) to just keep rotating at your will.
You can set the size of image and also the speed of rotation.
No coding required. Just download our utility and start using it.

How To Use:
- Unzip you will get HIR/images.txt and HIR/hioxImageRotate.php
- Edit the file HIR/images.txt and set the values as follows
	To set width,height and speed of rotation:
		Dont change the existing format.
		Just replace the values.
 		If you want speed as 1 second, replace 2000 in "RotatorSpeed="2000";" as 1000

	To set images for rotation:
		From the second line in HIR/images.txt it shows image files.
		Just use the same format, If you want to add new image just add image4="your dir structure"; in new line

	To use image rotator in your page:
		just paste the following line in your page where ever you want to image rotor to be displayed
		include "./HIR//hioxImageRotate.php";
		? >
		Note: here we have assumed that you have extracted the zip under the current dir of the webpage.

Release Date HIR 1.0 : 07-05-2004

On any suggestions mail to us at

Visit us at
Visit us at